More Beautiful

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More Beautiful – Yogic and Taoists secrets of beauty



This book is for the women who want to always feel more beautiful, not as a vanity, but as a natural call of their feminine essence.

This book speaks to you about beauty from multiple perspectives, which will help you learn beauty mysteries. I invite you to analyze your own view on beauty, to carefully weigh the standards that have been imposed to you over the years about what makes a woman to be considered beautiful. This book helps you heal the possible inferiority complexes and traumas related to your appearance. It offers you yogic and Taoist methods and techniques that will help you feel more and more beautiful.





  • see beauty with different eyes
  • discover / rediscover your own inner and physical beauty and to gain confidence in your beauty
  • discover / rediscover your own inner and physical beauty and to gain confidence in your beauty
  • enhance your beauty by practicing ancient oriental spiritual techniques


How is the beauty defined by great thinkers and philosophers?

  • Beauty cannot be described and labelled by shape, color, texture, size, or any other universally valid physical feature. It always produced fascination, awe and mystery, leading great philosophers, thinkers and artists of mankind to try to comprise beauty in various concepts.

How beauty is viewed from the perspective of universal spirituality

  • Oriental traditions approach beauty in a spiritual way, considering it a divine attribute that permeates everything that exists.
  • It is regarded in the Orient as a complete spiritual path – the yoga of beauty.
  • Beauty is an energy that behaves like any other form of energy – it can be accumulated, amplified or emitted. For us, women, it means that it is in our power to increase our beauty indefinitely.

The three main pillars of the beauty of the human being are: the biological beauty, the socio-cultural beauty, and spiritual beauty. Criteria that define the beauty of a woman from these perspectives:

  • What criteria make a woman be considered beautiful?
  • Beauty from the biological perspective;
  • Beauty from the perspective of evolutionary psychology;
  • The math of a woman’s beauty;
  • The socio-cultural beauty;
  • How much we invest in beauty;
  • The mysteries of the woman’s spiritual beauty;

The beauty of women in art

  • In the eyes of all great artists, the woman represents the essence of the most beautiful aspects and hypostases of the universe.
  • The woman, the eternal muse of artists, is the crown of beauty, found in all forms of art.

Oriental techniques and methods belonging to yogic and Taoist tradition of enhancing the energy of beauty that will help every woman who practices them, to always feel more beautiful.

  • Transfiguration and self-transfiguration;
  • The meditation technique „Joy and Color”;
  • Taoist practice of the inner smile;
  • Yi-Dam method;
  • Sutra 73 of the ancient treatise Vijnana Bhairava Tantra;

From the day that we become able to perceive our own image in the mirror, until old age we are concerned about our beauty and physical appearance. For this reason, we constantly strive to look in a certain way that is considered attractive at some point. If we fail to meet the social or cultural ideal promoted through social networks, culture, fashion, close people and the media, we may experience dissatisfaction with our image, which can result in inferior complexes and frustrations.

It is important for each of us to rid ourselves of such aggravating standards of beauty and to discover and value our own beauty.




Author of several successful books in Romania and abroad, including: 10 Steps to Become a Self-Confident Woman – Modern Sexology and Oriental Art of Lovemaking – Perineum Muscles, Tantric and Taoist Erotic Secrets – The Full Half of the Cup – Is optimism a delusion or a higher perspective on life | co-founder of the Self awakening personal development program; Julia Kolozsvari has so far held numerous courses, workshops and conferences in Romania and abroad. She is interested in the study, research and corroboration of modern science with the wisdom of spiritual oriental traditions.

In recent years, she established the Hatha Yoga Course of Femininity and the spiritual and personal development modules Hatha and Tantra Yoga Sacred Sensuality, Yoga of Women’s Beauty as well as Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda for body remodeling and inner balance.



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